Gabriel Hug

About me
Hi. My name is Gabriel Hug. I'm a computer science student from Switzerland.

I'd like to hear from you. So let's get in touch via mail: gabriel ät hugsoftware dot com

Web Apps
Mental Math

Random calculating question to train your mental math abilities. Calculations are quite tough, though.

Typing Test

How fast can you type on your keyboard. Find out.

Tournament Calculator

If you have x people playing a 1:1 game, you can calculate who plays against who in the next round.

Unicyclehockey Exercise Database

A database to collect training exercises for unicyclehockey training. In German language only.

Numerus Clausus App

Eine mobile, innovative und effiziente Vorbereitung auf den Eignungstest für das Medizinstudium in der Schweiz (EMS) und in Deutschland (TMS).